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You Can Buy Healthy Foods with Coupons!!

There are many people that are weary of using coupons because they feel that they can only use them for unhealthy and processed foods. But this just isn’t the case! We have been able to get plenty of healthy foods for very very cheap utilizing coupons. Today was a perfect example. Here are my deals below, get to Kroger before Sunday so you can participate in this deal too!

(6) YoPlait Yogurt Cups- Sale Price $0.50 – Original Price $0.64

(3) Healthy Ones Lunch Meat – Sale Price $1.25 – Original Price $2.99


$0.40 off on six Yoplait Yogurt Cups 4-6oz (10/05). My Kroger doubles up to $0.50

$0.55 off any Healthy Ones product. Get this coupon here.

Total Savings: $8.85

Percentage Saved: 66%

Total OOP: $4.26

P.S. Use the Kroger bags instead of the plastic bags and they will take off $0.04 from your order. Not a lot, but eventually it will pay for your Kroger bags you bought!

My Quilting Experiment

This is a picture of a quilt that my best friend, Kristin, made for me several years ago.  I had collected quite a few t-shirts over the years from high school and college and just couldn’t bare to part with them.  I didn’t care about wearing them, but each shirt was sort of like a scrapbook of sorts.

So, I hauled all my precious shirts over to Arkansas where Kristin could help me put together this quilt (And when I say ‘help me’, I mean she did most of the work).  Well, its now been over 8 years since I have graduated college, 4 or 5 years ago since the quilt was created, and I have now accumulated a few more t-shirts I LOVE and that mean a lot to me.  Also, I have gotten married since then, and my husband has a couple of drawers full of t-shirts that mean a lot to him.

I believe that this would be a great way to clean out our closet as well as have something that we can utilize often and pass down as an heirloom.

Now, do I know how to quilt…not really. Mostly no.  But there are plenty of websites and library books out there that can assist me in this project.  And, if you have any advice or tips for me I would GLADLY accept it! So in about a month, be watching for updates on my quilting adventure!


Turn on the television RIGHT NOW and see a show on people being creative in how they spend money.  Also, the Coupon Mom will be there!

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2 Years of the Best Coupon Magazine Ever!

Check out Deal Seeking Mom to cash in on a two year subscription for $19.95.  I am not a magazine person, but this particular one is great because it is FULL of coupons every month.  I received several free items last month from great coupons from this magazine.  So if you are a coupon junkie, this is the magazine for you!

CVS Deals…

I was initially disappointed because my husband needed some more antacid pills.  Those things are expensive!!  I assumed that since I was going to have to pay so much out of pocket for those that my CVS posting would be a bust this week.  But, as always, CVS did not let me down.  First, when I scanned my card at the ‘magic machine’ out popped $2 in ECB’s!!  Second, I found two 25 count packs shrink wrapped together for only $8.19!!  So, with these two great finds, here is what I did:

Transaction #1:

Always Infinity Pads 18 count $4.98

Used $2 ECB’s from last week and $2 ECB’s from the machine.

OOP: $1.04

ECB’s Earned: $4.98

Transaction #2

Bic Soleil Razor $5.99

Vitamin Water $2.29


$2.00 off Soleil Razors or catridges

Used $4.98 ECB from previous transaction

OOP: $1.50

ECB’s Earned: $6.29

Transaction #3

CVS Acid Controller (2 25 Count Boxes Shrink Wrapped together) $8.19

24 Pack of Water $3.99

Used $6.29 from previous transaction.

OOP: 6.00

Total OOP from all THREE transactions: $8.54