Walgreens Deal

I am just starting to notice the great clearance sales you can find at the various drug stores around town. So I wanted to share with you a great deal I did yesterday at Walgreens. There are no pictures this time because of camera problems, and as a side note, my blog is getting built up very slowly because I’m having computer problems as well! However, these things should be resolved by next week (I hope ☺).

So here is what I did….


Glade Candle 0.99
Lyp Moisturizer $1.99
5 Boxes of Kleenex Clearanced to 0.49


$1.00 off Glade Candle
$1.00 off 5 Boxes of Kleenex


$1.99 for the Lyp Moisturizer

OOP (after rebate): $1.60 (includes tax)

Not bad! So be sure to check those clearance bins at your local WalGreens!


One Response

  1. There’s an ES rebate on that glade candle too – for $1.00 – wooHoo You might have done even better than you first thought!

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