CVS Deals…

I was initially disappointed because my husband needed some more antacid pills.  Those things are expensive!!  I assumed that since I was going to have to pay so much out of pocket for those that my CVS posting would be a bust this week.  But, as always, CVS did not let me down.  First, when I scanned my card at the ‘magic machine’ out popped $2 in ECB’s!!  Second, I found two 25 count packs shrink wrapped together for only $8.19!!  So, with these two great finds, here is what I did:

Transaction #1:

Always Infinity Pads 18 count $4.98

Used $2 ECB’s from last week and $2 ECB’s from the machine.

OOP: $1.04

ECB’s Earned: $4.98

Transaction #2

Bic Soleil Razor $5.99

Vitamin Water $2.29


$2.00 off Soleil Razors or catridges

Used $4.98 ECB from previous transaction

OOP: $1.50

ECB’s Earned: $6.29

Transaction #3

CVS Acid Controller (2 25 Count Boxes Shrink Wrapped together) $8.19

24 Pack of Water $3.99

Used $6.29 from previous transaction.

OOP: 6.00

Total OOP from all THREE transactions: $8.54



The Most Efficient CVS Shopping Trip Yet

I went to CVS at 9:15 p.m. Sunday night. Since they closed at 10, I knew I was risking making a wasted trip because the last few weeks I have not had much luck. I was either missing a coupon or they were out of stock of something. But tonight was amazing! I found everything I needed and we were out the door in 10 minutes! I also noticed that I think I have finally memorized the layout of the store after a month of being here in Kentucky. So maybe this is the start of more efficient trips to come!

Here was the fantastic deal I scored tonight:

Transaction #1

CoverGirl Clean Liquid Makeup $5.49
Gillette Fusion razor $9.99

$4.00 off any Gillette Fusion Razor (9/28/2008)
$3 off $15 CVS coupon

OOP: $9.23
ECBs Earned: $10.49

Transaction #2

Sunsilk shampoo and crème 2/$7.00
Bayer Contour Glucose monitor $14.99

$1.00 off any Sunsilk shampoo or conditioner (obtained by free sample)
$1.00 off Sunsilk crème and hair products (obtained by free sample)

ECBs used: $10.49

$9.99 In package mail in rebate for the Bayer Contour

OOP: $9.20 (I actually will make $0.79 once I receive my rebate)
ECBs Earned: $7.oo

Transaction #3

Poland Spring 24 pk. Water $3.88
Colgate Total 2/$5.00

$1.00 off any adult or kids Colgate (9/28/2008)
$1.00 off any Colgate Total or Max (received from free standing coupon machine in store)

ECBs Used: $7.00

OOP: $0

ECBs Earned: $2.00

Total OOP (after rebate) for all 3 transactions together:

$8.44 plus $2 ECBs to spend next week!

CVS $3/$15

Check out this post at The Centsible Sawyer on how to get this coupon.  I have used $/$$ coupons and they can make a BIG difference!

CVS Coupons

This might be old news, but it was new to me.  I went to CVS this morning, and near the front on the end of one of the aisles was a new machine.  I scanned my card at this machine and out popped two coupons!

One was Save $1 on Gold Emblem Water, 6 pk or Larger and the other was Save $2 on any CVS Brand purchase of $10 or more.  So go see if there is one at your store and leave a comment on what coupons popped out for you!