My Quilting Experiment

This is a picture of a quilt that my best friend, Kristin, made for me several years ago.  I had collected quite a few t-shirts over the years from high school and college and just couldn’t bare to part with them.  I didn’t care about wearing them, but each shirt was sort of like a scrapbook of sorts.

So, I hauled all my precious shirts over to Arkansas where Kristin could help me put together this quilt (And when I say ‘help me’, I mean she did most of the work).  Well, its now been over 8 years since I have graduated college, 4 or 5 years ago since the quilt was created, and I have now accumulated a few more t-shirts I LOVE and that mean a lot to me.  Also, I have gotten married since then, and my husband has a couple of drawers full of t-shirts that mean a lot to him.

I believe that this would be a great way to clean out our closet as well as have something that we can utilize often and pass down as an heirloom.

Now, do I know how to quilt…not really. Mostly no.  But there are plenty of websites and library books out there that can assist me in this project.  And, if you have any advice or tips for me I would GLADLY accept it! So in about a month, be watching for updates on my quilting adventure!