Use Your Buy One Get One Free Glade Coupon

Today I went to Rite Aid and used a BOGO coupon to get two Glade Aerosol Sprays. The total transaction cost $1.11 – what a deal! Or so I thought, until I got home and realized I had eight other bottles of some sort of air freshener – hehe. Now in my defense, I did get really good prices for those eight bottles ☺.

BUT the point is, air freshener can last a good while. So I decided that the obvious thing to do would be to save my money for something we don’t already have a gazillion bottles of sitting in our cabinets (I know – I’m a genius). I also decided to add a few other things to the Do Not Buy (For Now) List:

Body Wash
Some Medicines

In addition, a while back I had made the decision that I was going to use this as a ministry as well. This included telling others about these great deals so that they can save their money for the more important things in life and to be able to participate more in giving to others. And, I too, wanted to be able to use these cheap and free products to donate to people and organizations in need. I have only participated in these things minimally.

So…. I post here as a way to make myself accountable to these ideals. I even opened a new Bible study last night and the verse it began with was “Do not store up treasures on earth….”. That verse has crossed my mind more than once since I began my deal seeking back in July! ☺ Please understand I do not find anything wrong with all of this!! I love it, it’s become a hobby! But I want to remember that everything I have comes from God, so I want to use all of these “treasures” for the good of others. So keep me in your prayers as I venture out and look for the way God wants me to share with others!