You Can Buy Healthy Foods with Coupons!!

There are many people that are weary of using coupons because they feel that they can only use them for unhealthy and processed foods. But this just isn’t the case! We have been able to get plenty of healthy foods for very very cheap utilizing coupons. Today was a perfect example. Here are my deals below, get to Kroger before Sunday so you can participate in this deal too!

(6) YoPlait Yogurt Cups- Sale Price $0.50 – Original Price $0.64

(3) Healthy Ones Lunch Meat – Sale Price $1.25 – Original Price $2.99


$0.40 off on six Yoplait Yogurt Cups 4-6oz (10/05). My Kroger doubles up to $0.50

$0.55 off any Healthy Ones product. Get this coupon here.

Total Savings: $8.85

Percentage Saved: 66%

Total OOP: $4.26

P.S. Use the Kroger bags instead of the plastic bags and they will take off $0.04 from your order. Not a lot, but eventually it will pay for your Kroger bags you bought!


A Kroger Reminder

Just a reminder or if you haven’t noticed, coupons print off the back of your Kroger receipt. To the locals, there are a few coupons to El Portillo (right next to the Goodwill) and to Mexico Fiesta (right before the Dairy Queen on the right). So hold on to those receipts they may come in handy!